Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Show Me The Money - The Big Day!

The official award ceremony for the FSDT SME Finance Innovation Challenge Fund II was held at Serena Hotel, Dar-es-salaam on the 18th of June 2013.

Problem Solved Ltd, the software startup I founded in 2008 was presented with a $328,000 grant. The funds will be used to:
  1. Hire up to 7 employees to help run the company as it grows rapidly.
  2. Purchase laptops to bundle with the Minishop accounting package.
  3. Facilitate further product development of Minishop and supporting systems.
A historic day for Problem Solved Ltd in particular and the Tanzanian tech scene in general!

Eric Mutta (Problem Solved Ltd),
Sosthenes Kewe (Technical Director - FSDT), Christian Mpalanzi (SME Specialist - FSDT)
Eric Mutta and his team of Problem Solvers: Salome, Zephania, Middy and Teddy

Eric Mutta with his earliest investors: Mr & Mrs. Mutta.

Eric Mutta explaining Minishop in detail to the media.
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